Terms and conditions of transfer using Budapest Taxi Co.Uk.

Budapest Taxi Co.Uk. - hereinafter referred to as Service provider.

  General services  

  1. The aim of the airport transport service  
Transferring passengers from and to Budapest airports (and other places) on public roads between the given destinations according to the prices defined in the price calculation table of transfer rates.
In addition transaction of other transfers not related to airports.

  2. Operating hours  
The transfer service is available throughout the whole year, 24 hours a day, in line with the departure and arrival times in the actual Liszt Ferenc Airport timetables.
Our online customer service may be contacted every day between 8 am and 10 pm.

  3. Placing an order, method of concluding the contract  
The contract is concluded when the service is ordered by the Passenger in written- in line with the Terms of transfer (online, or in e-mail) at least 24 hours before the time of pick-up, and the Service provider confirms/registers the order.

Passenger must confirm the booking registration with TWO-STEP secure approval method:
First step: - with SMS text to the service provider’s SMS number (the description is written in the confirmation email).
Second step: - with a short confirmation message by Email reply.

Orders may be placed in the following ways:
- On our website, by filling in our Online Order Form
- In e-mail with our Web Mail Form, by detailing the requirements of your transport

In case of orders placed at shorter notice, the Service provider can only fulfil them, if it has enough capacity and can therefore confirm the order.
Orders are confirmed in e-mail during customer service hours, and within 24 hours of receipt.
Should the customer not receive a confirmation of the order in e-mail or SMS by 6 pm on the day preceding the date of transfer, please write an email with our Web Mail Form.

For placing an order, the following details are needed: Headcount, Transfer route, ONEWAY or with RETURN (roundtrip) transfer (fill the checkbox), Transfer target or destination (hotel or address), Airline, Flight number, Exact time of arrive pickup, Exact time of departure pickup (if return), Address of return pick-up (if return), Passenger name, Mobil phone number, E-mail address of the customer, And any other special requirements in the Comments field, such as: baby carriage, bicycles, dog, etc.

Return transfer pick up time: As a guide, we recommend the return transfer pickup time is 3 hours before your flight departure. Please note, this detail is NOT your flight departure time!
Please calculate with the transfer time and the airport check-in time!

  4. Cancellation or modification of the transfer contract by the Passenger  
24 hours prior to the start of transfer, the order can be cancelled or modified - by Email or SMS text - in written format only, free of charge.
Should the cancellation or modification take place at a later point, the Customer is obliged to pay compensation.
The compensation fee is the car/driver stand up & availability fee (In case of Budapest transfers: Sedan car/15 EUR, Minibus/20 EUR, in case of Countryside transfers Sedan car/30 EUR, Minibus/50 EUR).

In case of change of return transfers, when the time of the returning transfers changes, the passenger is obliged to notify the Service provider 24 hours in advance by email prior to the time of the return.
In case the passenger fails to notify the Service provider in time, the passenger shall note that the Service provider may only fulfil the transportation at a different time from the desired time, if this is not possible the passenger shall not claim any refund.

In case of cancellation of return transfer (what is acceptable by email min. 24 hours in advance prior to the reserved time of return), - the passenger must give (by email) the new/replacement return pickup date and time until maximum 30 days from the original booked date and time. After this deadline - without the replacement and final pickup details (date and time) - refund is not possible and the transfer is counted as fulfilled.

In case of failure pickups of return transfer what is caused by the customer(s) (eg. the customer(s) not there at the the reserved date/time) or without change/cancellation request - by Email or SMS text - in written format, refund is not possible and the transfer is counted as fulfilled.

With the confirmation agreement you state that you don't have transfer reservation with same details with another transfer company at the same time. In case at the pickup trouble appears by a 3rd party, the compensation you have to pay is 50% of your booked and confirmed transfer price.

  5. Transfer rates and payment  
The prevailing transfer rates can be found on the Service providers’ website, where also further information can be obtained, and the exact fee is detailed by the Service provider in written in the confirmation of the order.
All prices are calculated for the exact route and with the selected passengers headcount. All bookings/transfers are PRIVATE with separated vehicle(s)! The transfer price total is valid for all selected persons (NOT per person!).
The passengers headcount determines the number of cars.
Every passenger counts as 1 person (from babies to adults)!
The transfer price is the total payable fee.
You can pay only in the selected currency directly to the Driver.
If you booked a roundtrip transfer (with return), you must pay the full transfer fee in one amount when you arrive. (This way we give 10% discount off the transfer price.)
The return route is without payment.
If the transfer price total is higher than 100 EUR, we ask for an advance payment 30% of the total amount.
The advance is payable by credit card. At arrival the rest of the transfer fee is payable by cash directly to the driver.

The price subject to change without notice, but the change is not valid for previously booked transfers.
The price and currency in the confirmed reservation is always the total payable.

The transfer price total is only valid for the originally booked headcount and luggages !!
Passengers must pay an additional cost (depends of the replacement vehicle because additional space) for every extra person and/or luggages at the arrival or return pick up!

  6. Luggages, Baby seat  
Luggage: If you feel that you have an unusually large amount of luggage, please indicate it in the booking form comment field, and then we will send a larger vehicle, but note that it would cost more. (e.g. boxed bicycle, big oversized suitcases usually used for boat journeys, pram, etc.)
In case the Passenger(s) would like to take more bags than the one piece suitcase (max. 20 kg/person) and one piece carry-on baggage (max. 10 kg/person), please inform the Service provider latest by the last day preceding the date of transfer.

Luggages is calculated in the transfer price:
Suitcase: Weight: max.20kg | Dimensions: 90x60x40cm | Amount: 1 piece/person
Carry-on baggage: Weight: max.10kg | Dimensions: 55x45x25cm | Amount: 1 piece/person

Additional or oversized luggage fees:
+Suitcase (or oversized): 5 EUR/piece
+Carry-on baggage (or oversized): 3 EUR/piece

Baby seat: According to Hungarian laws, in the taxi vehicles do no need to use child seats !!! In the taxis the child can travel in the parent's lap.
If you need a child seat, please write the request into the comment field with the child age and height!
- The baby seat service price for Airport <> Budapest city transfers: 5 EUR/piece
- The baby seat service For Countryside transfers: Free

  7. Journey time, waiting time and cost  
The Service provider will do its best to transfer the Passenger to the desired destination in safety and on time. When confirming the booking, the Service provider calculates the time needed for the journey and confirms the order and the time of pick-up accordingly. Passengers may count with a difference of +/- 15 minutes in Budapest transfers, and +/- 30 minutes in countryside transfers.
Service provider is not accountable for any delays caused by circumstances beyond its control (e.g.: closing and construction of roads, accidents, other unforeseeable obstacles), however will commit everything to avoid these.
We are always waiting for our Passengers on the arrival side of the airport, at the places reserved for this specific purpose, and as far as possible with holding up a board with the name of the Passengers on it.

- At the Arrival pick up in the arrival hall, the maximum FREE waiting time is 30 minutes (after the driver must leave the airport).
Please go to the arrival hall as soon as possible!
If you have any trouble with your luggages and therefore you will arrive into the arrival hall later than 30 minutes
please call our emergency number: +36 20 921 4125
If you want to stay at the airport more than 30 minutes (money change, shopping etc..) after your flight landed,
the waiting cost is 500 HUF/car/every started 30 minutes.
- At the Return pick up, the waiting time is free until 5 minutes. After the free 5 minutes every started 30 minutes waiting will cost is 3000 HUF.
Please be punctual at the return pick up!

Flight monitoring:
- Normal and Delayed Arrival: We monitor the flight. Please go to the arrival hall as soon as possible!
- Earlier Arrival: We monitor the flight and we try to be there earlier, but if have any split, please wait for our driver - in the arrival hall
until your flight original arrival time!

  8. Responsibilities of the Service provider  
Service provider cannot be made responsible of any fault on the arrival (eg. failed meeting). Service provider cannot be made responsible however, if the Passenger gives incorrect or false pick-up details (date, time, address) or contact details (phone number, email) when placing the order.
In case of technical problems for which the Service provider cannot be blamed, Service provider is obliged to arrange the further safe transport of the passenger(s) to the desired destination at the Service providers own cost.
Any complaints with regards to luggage should be signalled by the Passenger to the driver on the spot.
For lost luggages the service provider are not responsible.
In case the prepayed transfer is withered - caused by the Passenger(s), or – caused by 3rd party (for example: flight cancellation) that is the responsibility of the customer only, in such case repayment and replacement transfer is not possible, but the customer can book a new transfer on the actual prices. The service provider couldn't be responsible for failed transfers caused by the passengers fault.

  9. Responsibilities of the Passenger(s)  

In the vehicles the use of any and all drugs, smoking and alcohol drinking is strictly prohibited !!!
The inappropriate behavior during the transportation may result the suspension of the transfer (during the transport also), and may result a police action. In such cases, the transfer considered as fulfilled, completely to be paid on the spot and the payment is non-refundable.

Passenger is directly responsible for any damages caused during the journey to a third person or to the car.
For damages - caused by the passenger(s) - compensation has to be paid on the spot by the passenger(s) to the driver. The amount of compensation depends on the extent of the caused damages. Non-payment of compensation, may result in police action. When using our transportation services, Passenger obliges himself/herself to use it only when his/her health state permits it, does not suffer from contagious illnesses that could endanger the other passengers, and is not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Should any of the above occur, the Passenger could be excluded from the transfer.
No objects can be transported in the cars that endanger the soundness of the other passengers or that endanger damage or soil the car.
Furthermore the transportation of dangerous, corrosive, toxic, and flammable materials, as well as weapons, cutting or stinging tools is also prohibited.
Passengers may use the transfer service at their own risk.
The customer accepts and acknowledges the terms of transfer when placing an order.
When the customer orders the service for more passengers, he/she places the order in the other passengers name, therefore concludes the contract in their name as well. The passenger's luggages always is the responsibility of the passengers. If the passenger leave the package in the vehicle and therefore the driver must turn back, the passenger must pay the additional way.

Thank you for choosing our services.

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